The products you return must be in the same condition in which you received them;


The return must be made with the original labels intact, the original warranty certificate and all documents with which the product was delivered;

 The returned product must be accompanied by the accessories and gifts with which it was delivered;


If you have bought several products of the same kind and want to return them all, make sure that only one has been unsealed. The return of the other products will only be accepted if they are sealed;

We do not accept products that have been tampered with, products that show signs of wear or excessive use, scratches, nicks, dents, mechanical and electrical shocks and products that are missing accessories;

We do not accept products whose operating systems or other software or limitations existing at the time of delivery have been uninstalled or modified (e.g. factory electrical limitation on maximum speed or maximum power, firmware software installed on the motherboards of products such as Hoverboard, Electric Scooter, Moped, etc.).


Pickup of products by the retailer will be refused if products other than those eligible for return are in the return package;


The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the Contract, i.e. to return one or more products from an online order, within 14 calendar days from the date on which the Buyer takes possession of the order/products/last product in an order (for multiple delivery orders), without giving any reason and without incurring any costs other than delivery costs.


The period of 14 calendar days refers to the period of time within which the Buyer must notify, by email to or by filling in the return form, the intention to return the product(s).


After the date of the communication of the intention to return, the Buyer has 14 calendar days to ensure that the product/products to be returned reach Smart Balance.


Return collection address: Fabriekstraat 34, Hall 13, 3800, Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Contact number for returns: +32 470 861 485


The value of the returned products will be refunded to the customer within 14 days of receipt of the return intention from the client, but not before receiving the product(s) and inspecting the product condition, according to the European legal framework.


If the product is returned in a condition in which it can no longer be sold as new (damaged packaging, missing accessories, damaged accessories, damaged product, etc.), we reserve the right to charge a fee to bring the product back into conformity, or to cover the price difference resulting from the sale of the resealed product. At the buyer's request and only if we receive complete delivery information (e.g. address, full name, delivery phone number, etc.), we may re-ship the product, with the delivery costs being borne by the buyer.


Reduction in the value of returned products

Since in the case of online sales the Buyer does not have the opportunity to check the products before the contract is concluded, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract. For the same reason, the Buyer is allowed to test and check the products he has purchased to the extent necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products.


In order to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products, the Buyer must handle and inspect them in the same way as he would be allowed to do in an actual physical store. For example, testing a hoverboard will be done on a clean floor and not outside or in a park. Also, testing will be done over a distance of 100-500 meters, and not over a distance of X km.


The purchaser is only responsible for any diminution in the value of the products resulting from handling other than that necessary to determine the nature, qualities and function of the products.


If the Buyer exercises the right of withdrawal after having used the products to an extent exceeding the limit necessary to determine their nature, characteristics and functioning, the Buyer shall be liable for any diminution in the value of the products.


The outer and inner packaging, foils, expanded material protections and documents, as well as other accessories or objects in the boxes of the products, are an integral part of the product.


If the returned product is not in conformity, and must be brought to conformity, Smart Balance will communicate this by email and telephone to the customer, mentioning the cost of bringing it to conformity. The cost includes the value of the parts to be replaced, labor for replacement, reconditioning, and the difference between the original value of the product and the resale value of the used product, if the product can no longer be sold "as new". For clarity, Smart Balance will retain 5-50% of the total price of the product, depending on product condition.

Our products come with a 2 year standard warranty from the date of purchase, for defects/product faults, in conformity with the UE Legal Framework. 

For Service/Warranty Requests, please call us at: +32 470 861 485 or email us at 

In case of a defect upon delivery, please note that you legally have a 2 month period to notify us of the defect, and we will arrange for Service/Warranty Intervention, in order to replace the faulty part(s) and bring the product to functional and visual conformity.