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Don’t settle with cheap knock-offs. Choose Aluminium over plastic, choose Years of Riding over months. Get your Favourite Hoverboard now, from Smart Balance!

Over 25,000 satisfied riders can’t be wrong! – August 2022

Choose Quality, Safety and Fun with Smart Balance, and enjoy smooth rides every time you go out with your hoverboard that was designed to last for years not months. Balanced Acceleration, Ultra-Fast reaction to riding patterns, Automatic Balance with a Fast Responsive Gyroscope, every part of our hoverboard design contributes to your complete satisfaction.


Up to 18 km of autonomy with a single full charge

Twice the distance of cheap models on the EU market


UL-Certification for all Smart Balance Hoverboards and Scooters

Your safety is our number one priority, so you don’t have to risk every time you ride your hoverboard


Charge less, faster, and ride more

Up to double the autonomy of cheap knock-off hoverboards with duck-tape isolated battery packs.


Reinforced Aluminium Aloy Chassis

Avoid cheap hoverboards with chassis made of plastic or other shady materials. All Smart Balance Hoverboards are proudly equipped with Reinforced Aluminium Alloy Chassis, which makes them lightweight and more durable than other cheap market knock-offs. Always choose Metal over Plastic: follow this advice and you’ll thank us later!

Resistant, Metallic Wheel Frames

Most cheap hoverboards come with plastic wheel frames which are prone to deform or break after short riding periods. Avoid injury or frequent service maintenance and get yourself a Smart Balance Hoverboard, always equipped with Aluminium Alloy Wheel Frames.


Batteries that don’t overheat, explode or catch fire

All Smart Balance Hoverboards are equipped with an anti-fire material, battery exterior shell with natural air-flow perforations which prolongs the battery life and increases day-to-day riding safety. Cheap knock-offs always come with extra risks which you should not take. Get your favorite Smart Balance Hoverboard now!

Ride up to twice the distance, with your Smart Balance Hoverboard

Continue riding your Smart Balance Hoverboard long after your friends have depleted their batteries. Our hoverboards are designed for long, fun rides with the help of our Outer Shelled, Naturally Ventilated Battery Packs of 4Ah, doubled by two 36V Brushless Motors.


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XTR 125

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Ghidul pentru hoverboard-ul potrivit

Indiferent ca esti in cautarea unui hoverboard potrivit pentru copii sau adulti, un hoverboard cu care sa te plimbi prin parc, pe plaja sau prin iarba, un hoverboard on-road / off-road / all-terrain, vei gasi cele mai calitative optiuni in magazinul nostru online. Citeste ghidul nostru complet, cu aspecte la care sa fii atent cand achizitionezi un hoverboard, si modelele care se potrivesc pentru fiecare particularitate de care ai nevoie.