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Hoverboard 10 cala OffRoad Splash +Hoverseat Smart Balance

Hoverboard 10 cala OffRoad Splash +Hoverseat Smart Balance
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Hoverboard Go Kart Pakiet, 10 cala, OffRoad Clown, dla dzieci i dorosłych 1

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 The hoverboard has two electric motors which provide 700 watts of power. The 2 x 350W powerful motors will give you the Speed and the Control that you deserve, with the best Technology that we call "BRUSHLESS".

 No matter if you are a 6 years old or a 46 years old, the 15km/h will guarantee you the adrenaline for the day ahead of you.

 Smart Balance is about Environmental Friendliness and that's shows up in the power supply that we use, electric energy. With this model you will get 36V 4Ah Samsung Cells  that will make it perfect when you will ride your hoverboard and have the feeling that the journey will never stop. The battery range depends on the wight of the driver and the type of surface you are driving on as much as the angle of the ramp (if any) and the speed at which is it ridden. 

 You will need a full recharge of your Hoverboard after 15 km, so this will take about  2-3 hours to get back on the road.

 It’s great because is Easy to Transport, either with the Carrying Bag that is provided, either a bare Hand. You can take it Everywhere and Recharge it fast and easy.

 Our professional engineers tested the Hoverboard and it can take up to the Maximum weight of 130 kg.

 Right Now we have the best self-balancing system on the market, we never stop upgrading our devices and by testing and upgrading we manage to give this device a tilt ability of 45 degrees, for the biggest hills that you will ever encounter. The motherboard system is the computer of the hoverboard and regulates that everything is controlled correctly. You control the hoverboard by body movements and balance. By moving you tell the hoverboard if you want to go forward or backwards and when you want to turn.

 The fun part begins when you meet with your friends and connect your Build-in Speakers via Bluetooth to a phone and play the tracks that you love. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the Speakers help you ride relaxed, listening your favorite music.

  The hoverboard is equipped with LED  lighting so you are clearly visible in the dark cause the fun never stops but the safety will be always on the first place.  

 And take into consideration that our IP54 grade certificate represents non-tight protection against dust and microscopic residues As well as aProtection against spray water with any inclination.

Engine power: 700W with the best Technology

Original Voltage Batteries: 36V 4Ah Samsung cells

Maximum speed: 15 km / h

Autonomy: 15-18 km

Tilt ability: 45 degrees

Minimum weight: 30 kg

Maximum weight: 130 kg

Wheel size: 10 inch

Type of wheels: pneumatic

Full load time: 2-3 hours


- Bluetooh

- Build-in speakers

- Carrying bag

- LED Lights

- AutoBalance


Waterproof and protection against dust grade: IP54

* Information note:

- IP54 represents - non-tight protection against dust and microscopic residues. Protection against spray water with any inclination.

- The maximum speed may vary depending on the weight of the user, the ramp angle, wind speed and direction, the conditions of the rolling substrate, etc.


Prędkość maksymalna
Do 15 km/h
Maksymalna waga
Do 90 kg
Ochrona przed wnikaniem
IP54 - ochrona przed zanieczyszczeniem ograniczonymi ilościami pyłu. Nie wystawiać na działanie wilgotnego środowiska. Nie wystawiać na działanie wody/deszczu.
Maksymalny kąt wznoszenia
Do 15 stopni
Czas ładowania
2-4 godziny
Typ akumulatora
Inne cechy
Głośniki Bluetooth, samoczynne równoważenie, światła LED
Pojemność baterii
Ilość silników
Typ podwozia
Wzmocnione aluminium
Moc silnika
700W (2x350W)
Możliwość pochylenia
Do 45 stopni
Do 18 km
Średnica koła
10 cala
Typ koła
Gwarancja handlowa
24/12 miesięcy
Zakres produktów
Off-Road 10 cala
Typ opakowania
z podstawowym hoverkartem


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