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6.5 inch Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, Extended Range, Smart Balance

6.5 inch Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, Extended Range, Smart Balance
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  • Super-Durable: Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Powerful: 700W Brushless Motors
  • Instant Auto-Balance: Twin Gyroscope Systems
6.5 inch Hoverboard, Regular Carbon1

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Smart Balance Original Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, 6.5 INCH, Dual Motors 36V, 700Wat, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights has two motors, each 350W (total 700W), and is equipped with a patented self-cleaning system to extend product life without requiring maintenance. Both engines are brushless, which means less rolling noise, no overheating, and highly improved efficiency compared to other cheap hoverboard engines, which are generally improvized brushed engines.
Also, the Engine Power is one that offers a perfect balance between smoothness and fast response from the Smart Balance hoverboard to every command given by the user. This hoverboard is responsive enough for controlling to become natural FAST, and on average it takes about 10-20 minutes to master the ability to ride safely.
Wheel size:






Smart Balance Original Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, 6.5 INCH, Dual Motors 36V, 700Wat, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights has the ability to tilt up to 45 degrees, and the engines system thus has more acceleration power depending on the angle of the slope. With this hoverboard you will climb more slopes, faster, with less power consumption than other hoverboards you find on the market in Europe.
Generally, hoverboards were designed for horizontal rides, but with the Smart Balance Hoverboard, slopes will no longer be a problem. You can climb (depending on the weight and grip of the running surface) slopes of up to 15 degrees without experiencing a drop in speed, so you can always rely on your Hoverboard.
Stay on track, and don't stop! Climb slopes on your hoverboard, when other are climbing slopes with their hoverboard in their arms!

Smart Balance Original Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, 6.5 INCH, Dual Motors 36V, 700Wat, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights has the ability to productively support a maximum weight of 90kg due to the metal system of the wheel resistance structure. At such weights, other hoverboards with cheap plastic wheels will develop deformations of the resistance structure, deformations that lead in a very short time to the loss of maximum capabilities or even to the sudden stop of the hoverboard, a phenomenon that endangers the user's safety.
Take our word for it, you don't want to sit too long on a hoverboard with plastic wheels or other cheap materials.

We have equipped the Smart Balance Original Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, 6.5 INCH, Dual Motors 36V, 700Wat, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights with non-pneumatic wheels (Regular, Transformers, Hummer) so that you can enjoy the most balanced on-road ride without the risk of suffering a flat tire, and therefore wasting time with the hoverboard going through service. *Off-Road Smart Balance hoverboards are equipped with pneumatic wheels to allow OFF-ROAD use.

With the Smart Balance charger, your hoverboard won't stay idle for long. Depending on the charging source, it takes between 80 and 120 minutes for a 10% to 80% charge, so you can ride more, and watch your hoverboard charge less.
At the end of the day, we recommend charging your hoverboard fully for up to 150 minutes, depending on the charging source. For the longest battery life, we recommend a discharge + full charge once a month during the season.
We also recommend at least a full charge every 3 months, out of season.

We have equipped the Smart Balance Original Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, 6.5 INCH, Dual Motors 36V, 700Wat, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights with a dual 4000MAH or 4AH battery. 2 x 10 18650 cells in series will propel your hoverboard and give you up to twice the runtime of other hoverboards on the market in Europe. So that you can still ride your favourite hoverboard while others have to stop to recharge.
Smart Balance does not recommend riding the Hoverboard while listening to music on headphones. Instead, we've equipped the Smart Balance Original Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, 6.5 INCH, Dual Motors 36V, 700Wat, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights with Bluetooth Speakers, so move your music from your phone to your Hoverboard, and be the center of attention wherever you go.

Who says night rides are dangerous? With the Smart Balance Hoverboard, Regular Dakota, 6.5 inch wheels, Bluetooth, Autobalans, Led Lights, 700W, Samsung Cell Battery, the fun is the same day and night.
We've equipped the product with Bright and Clear LED lights, so you'll be the center of attention especially at night. You'll also be a hard target to miss, which will keep you safe throughout the night, thanks to the Ambient LED lights.

We recommend NOT using the hoverboard in the rain. Because of the movable joints, no hoverboard is WATER-PROOF. Instead, the Smart Balance Original Hoverboard, Regular Carbon, 6.5 INCH, Dual Motors 36V, 700Wat, Bluetooth Speakers, LED Lights has an IPV54 insulation certificate, which means that the inside of your hoverboard is free from granular dust and residual particles.

You can separately purchase one of the three Hoverseat/Hoverkart/Seat options for the Smart Balance Hoverboard to turn your favourite Hoverboard into a Go-Kart with dedicated control levers.

Simple Hoverseat - an entry level Hoverseat, which will teach you how to control it with the control levers in minutes and make the most out of this world turns. Warning, for on-road use only!
Hoverseat with Sponge - The Hoverseat becomes more comfortable with layers of sponge attached to the seat, back and handles. Comes in an attractive and stylish colour scheme: Black and white with red motifs on the seat and handles. Warning, for on-road use only!
Hoverseat with suspension - This is an Advanced Hoverseat, capable of running at maximum speeds with minimal stress on both the user and the hoverboard, thanks to the dual suspensions, which provide an imposing stature. Comes in 4 colours: Black, Red, Blue and Pink. Attention, it can be used both on-road and off-road (gravel and dry rough terrain).

You can also find the Hoverboard + Hoverkart promo package for any model in stock. Go for a bundle, if you want both products, and you will benefit from an additional discount compared to buying the products separately.


Maximum Speed
Up to 15 km/h
Maximum Weight
Up to 90 kg
Ingress Protection
IP54 - protected against contamination from limited amounts of dust. Do not expose to humid environments. Do not expose to water/rain.
Maximum Climb Angle
Up to 15 degrees
Charging Time
2-4 hours
Battery type
Other Features
Bluetooth speakers, self balance, LED lights
Battery Capacity
Number of Engines
Chassis Type
Reinforced Aluminium
Engine Power
700 W (2x350W)
Tilting Ability
Up to 45 degrees
Up to 18 km
Wheel Diameter
6.5 inch
Wheel Type
Commercial Warranty
24/12 months
Product Range
Regular 6.5 inch
It lasts for years, not months. Many manufacturers introduce hard plastic or other cheap materials into the chassis, which significantly weaken its strength and lifespan. Smart Balance hoverboards have an all-metal reinforced chassis, specifically designed to resist bending, vibration and mechanical shock.
Quickly and easily charge your Smart Balance hoverboard! Takes only 90-120 minutes (depending on source) to get from 10% to 80%. We've equipped all hoverboards with fast-charging technology so you can spend more time on the hoverboard than at rest.
Ride more, load less! Because you can! Smart Balance Hoverboards go up to twice the distance on a single charge of most products on the market, thanks to the 2AH-4AH, depending on the model chosen.

Many people climb the slopes with their hoverboard in their arms. With Smart Balance, you can climb slopes of up to 15 degrees without losing front or speed. Smart Balance hoverboards have the ability to tilt up to 45 degrees, so slopes aren't a reason to stop having fun.

Entertainment is not the same without music, and headphones are detrimental to safety. So Smart Balance hoverboards come equipped with bluetooth speakers, so you won't be separated from your favourite music while riding your favourite hoverboard. Move the music to the Hoverboard, and the fun is complete!

Are you bored of the hoverboard designs and colours? Don't rush out to buy another one: all Smart Balance hoverboards have interchangeable housings. We have dozens of vibrantly patterned housings available at a fraction of the price. We recycle the old housings, while you enjoy a new one, as fast as you can CLICK!
The fun doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. Be seen in the dark with super-bright LED lights!
The learning process is fast, the hoverboard responds quickly to commands and is stable, so you can make the most of the fun!

The wheel assembly, which contains the engines, bears the greatest stress of all the components. The Smart Balance wheels are made entirely of metal. When you buy a hoverboard, make sure that the wheel spikes (the resistance part) are made of metal, otherwise you'll be having fun for months instead of years. Take our word for it, you don't want to ride a hoverboard with plastic spikes.

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Verified Purchase

Overall ok

The colors are different from the pictures but overall I'm happy with the hoverboard. it's heavy to carry, weighs a ton. Range is less than specs, around 13-14km, then the low battery alarm sets in place.

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Verified Purchase

Good fun

I bought it in February 2023 for the kid, ABS casing, the model is super crazy but the bluetooth affects the autonomy, which is to be expected. They should put in the description autonomy with bluetooth connected and without. At high speeds it makes a warning beep. No battery level screen, but low battery warning. After the warning beep you go another 7-800 meters and it beeps continuously and very loudly, a sign that you need to get off it. If you don't follow its advice, it stops but not all at once, i.e. you don't fall off. Overall an ok purchase.

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Verified Purchase

Ok but without leds

I hope you publish this review! I give 3 stars because I received it without the LEDs on the wings as you can see in the picture. I was offered the option to send it back and get the version with LEDs but being a last minute gift, I had no way to exchange it. I drove it the longest about 17.5km and it started beeping the low battery alarm so hats off to it (I'm 72kg), probably not having the led's on the wings goes longer range. The paint is a big minus: the paint looks like it's specially made for showroom, glossy, but over time it scratches very hard and looks ugly and the casing costs 50EUR to change, which is huge for a plastic (so don't buy glossy models). I can't believe it's 2022 and Smart Balance doesn't bring Glossy foils for hoverboard cases. It's embarrassing but they probably want to make money on the cases service.

*This review has automatically been translated to: ENGLISH

Thank you for your review. We are sorry for your disappointment and it is totally our fault, but we actually asked if you want an express replacement (24h) and we mentioned to you that LEDless wings have around 1-1.8km more range depending on weight. At the time you told us that you prefer autonomy instead of LED wings. Please give us a quick call and we will gladly replace your hoverboard regardless of condition if you wish to switch to LEDs, or drop us an email on sales@smartbalanceshops.com with your order number and request. Please refer to Harriot T.Thank you in advance, Harriot T Customer Satisfaction Officer | Smart Balance Shops Global