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8 inch Hoverboard with Standard Hoverkart, Transformers HipHop PRO, Standard Range and Black Ergonomic Seat, Smart Balance

8 inch Hoverboard with Standard Hoverkart, Transformers HipHop PRO, Standard Range and Black Ergonomic Seat, Smart Balance
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Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range1

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It has never been easier to transform your favorite hoverboard into an electric kart, with the help of the Ergonomic Smart Balance Hoverkart. In just a few seconds, you can easily and quickly mount it onto your hoverboard with the help of its intuitive attachment system, and then you're ready to have fun with your new electric kart.

You can take it with you anywhere, it fits even in a small trunk. This way, your child can enjoy fun rides with their new kart anywhere: in the park, at their grandparents', even on nature walks or picnics.

Suitable for both children and adults

Although commonly used by adults as well, the Ergonomic Smart Balance Hoverkart is generally favored by children. Easy and intuitive to maneuver, this Hoverkart is equipped with two handles, allowing the user to move forward, backward, left, or right, and even spin in place. Furthermore, it's easy to use and contributes to early reflex and general synchronization development. Your little pilot can use it from a young age because this hoverkart eliminates the need for balancing on two wheels. You have three support points that offer maximum stability.

Years-long lifespan, not just a few months

When you buy an Ergonomic Smart Balance Hoverkart, you're making an investment, not just a purchase. Don't worry about the durability of the hoverkart. It is super resistant, built from forged metal, so unlike other hoverkarts, no matter how much you use it, you can enjoy it for years. It is electrostatically painted to prevent rust and is lightweight, optimal to facilitate long rides without excessively draining the hoverboard battery.

Safety first

You are always safe, and the rides using this hoverkart are as comfortable as can be. The handles are covered in soft foam, so you are always in control, and the grip is comfortable. Your feet are positioned on non-slip surfaces, so even during tight turns or spins in place, you'll remain in an optimal position for maximum fun.

Adaptable, easy to adjust, and secure

The Ergonomic Smart Balance Hoverkart is compatible with any hoverboard, from 6.5 inches to 10 inches. If you want a hoverkart that both you and your child can use, the good news is that this hoverkart adjusts according to the user's height. During the same trip in the park, you can take turns riding, making the experience enjoyable for both of you. It's important to remember that immediately after adjusting its length, for your safety, you should lock it using the simple and secure system it comes with.

Choose the color that suits you

Do you like the elegance of black, immaculate white, or rather the serene blue of the sky? At Smart Balance, you'll find them all. You have six color variants to choose from: black, red, blue, pink, orange, or white. Use the filters on the hoverboard and hoverkart package dedicated page to see only the variants you like.

Are you looking for a hoverboard with an excellent quality-price ratio? Then the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range is the perfect choice for you.

Are you thinking about spending more time outdoors with your family? Are you looking for ways to reduce the time your child spends in front of his phone, tablet or TV? Offer him the most fun way to give up his phone or tablet in favor of a healthy outdoor recreational activity.

Are you looking for a unique gift for Christmas, Easter, or a birthday celebration? The Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range has the perfect blend of technology, safety, and innovation to please everyone. Additionally, the design of this hoverboard resembles that of a Lambo sports car, making it even more appealing.

Built only from high-quality materials

Constructed only from quality materials and equipped with two brushless motors with active self-cleaning function, with a total power of 700W and a reinforced aluminum chassis, this fast, powerful, and adaptable hoverboard offers you years of successful rides, not just a few months.

Impressive design complementing performance

The exterior design of the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range sets you apart from any other hoverboard. It is larger than most ordinary hoverboards, with sharp, straight lines, resembling robots from the Transformers series. You'll always have something different from the rest of the world. Bigger, brighter, more shining, more interesting.

Resilient battery that does not catch fire

The Li-Ion battery with low depreciation is encased in a fire-resistant material capsule and is perforated to ensure a constant airflow. This regulates and maintains the optimal temperature throughout the use of the hoverboard, while optimizing power consumption.

Additionally, the capsule isolates the power source, protecting the electrical assembly. When the hoverboard is plugged in and the battery reaches maximum capacity, you are audibly alerted, and the maximum charging sensor stops the power supply to avoid battery depreciation and overcharging.

If you are moving and the battery drops to 10%, to prevent you from becoming unbalanced, you are audibly alerted, and the speed and power of the hoverboard gradually decrease so that you can stop safely.

The overheating sensors ensure the proper functioning of the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range, without large voltage differences that could lead to motor overload or significant battery discharge.

The dedicated mainboard is a rare element in today's hoverboards and makes the difference between a cheap toy and a Smart electric vehicle. It is the cornerstone of Smart Balance technology, and ensures that all systems communicate quickly and accurately. Why? So that you can have the best experience with the hoverboard. Thus, the motors communicate instantly with all the sensors, the dual gyroscope, and the battery, controlling the entire ecosystem for you to enjoy an unparalleled ride.

UL2272 Certification

Thanks to investments in quality and attention to technology, the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range is UL2272 certified, the highest level of safety an electric vehicle can have.

You can even use it in the dark

The triple Crystal LED lighting system puts you in the spotlight even at night:

  • The multicolored LEDs on the wings change color every time you change direction, accelerate, or brake.
  • The front LEDs illuminate your path and help you avoid any unforeseen obstacles that could cause problems. Additionally, they provide extra visibility due to their intense brightness.
  • The wheels with Crystal LED lighting system illuminate the sides of the hoverboard strongly, creating a luminous perimeter that makes you visible to anyone in your immediate vicinity.

What's even better is that the entire lighting assembly is energy-efficient, so the hoverboard's operating autonomy is not affected. You have to try this unique sensation; you are always the center of attention when you ride the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range.

Take your favorite music with you

Don't use headphones when riding the hoverboard. Keep your focus on the important things and leave the headphones at home. But with the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range, you don't have to give up your favorite music along with the headphones. Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the hoverboard's speakers and be a sound spectacle on two wheels.

Anti-puncture, rubberized wheels for an unmatched experience.

Equipped with 8-inch full rubberized anti-puncture wheels, the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range overcomes any obstacle without losing grip. You can use it on smooth asphalt, paved roads, or beaten dirt paths. Compared to the 6.5-inch version, this hoverboard is more versatile: it handles bumps more easily, you can ride it on roads with more pronounced bumps, it is taller, and faster. Thanks to the powerful motors, it's just as easy for you to ride on straight roads or on slopes of up to 30 degrees.

Moreover, the oversized anti-slip pads provide you with extra stability, so no matter how adventurous you are, you can't slip on this hoverboard. In turn, the pressure sensor contributes to increased safety. It detects when the user gets on the hoverboard and activates the gyroscope system and safety systems.

Gyroscope similar to that of helicopters

Thanks to the self-balancing function that we have perfected on all PRO motors, the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range maintains its horizontal balance even when you get off it. The gyroscope sensors, similar to those present in helicopters, communicate rapidly with both the mainboard and the motors, so the hoverboard manages to calculate in just a few milliseconds, at any time, what the optimal balance position is. You can't get unbalanced even if you want to.

Reach up to 15 km/h

No matter what kind of rides you prefer: fast accelerations or smooth ones, the Smart Balance hoverboard Transformers HipHop PRO, standard range adapts to your desire as fast as you blink. The PRO motors are designed for performance. The speed of this hoverboard is electronically limited to 15 km/h for your safety, but the actual maximum speed of the motors is significantly higher. You are audibly alerted when you reach a speed of 15 km/h; however, unlike other hoverboards, this one doesn't jolt you but smoothly aligns itself at a speed of 14-15 km/h.

30 Items

Maximum Speed
Up to 15 km/h
Maximum Weight
Up to 90 kg
Ingress Protection
IP54 - protected against contamination from limited amounts of dust. Do not expose to humid environments. Do not expose to water/rain.
Maximum Climb Angle
Up to 15 degrees
Charging Time
2-4 hours
Battery type
Other Features
Bluetooth speakers, self balance, LED lights
Battery Capacity
Number of Engines
Chassis Type
Reinforced Aluminium
Engine Power
700 W (2x350W)
Tilting Ability
Up to 45 degrees
Up to 10 km
Wheel Diameter
8 inch
Wheel Type
Commercial Warranty
24/12 months
Product Range
Transformers 8 inch
Pack Type
with basic hoverkart, black
Standard Range
Battery Warranty
6 months

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