Smart Balance Electric Scooter SB Kids 1 Black

Smart Balance Electric Scooter SB Kids 1 Black
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SB Kids Urban Fun Black is the ideal choice as the first electric scooter for your child.

Accessible and safe, the scooter provides a long time of electric fun, and thanks to the built-in 22.5V battery, your child will not have problems with the response times of the scooter.

Equipped with a 150W motor, the SB Kids Urban Fun electric scooter is both fun and safe. The child will quickly get used to the scooter, the acceleration is smooth and, due to the reduced power, the situations in which the engine suddens are practically non-existent, even when the acceleration is at maximum.

The size of the wheels is 5.5 inches on the front and 5 inches on the rear, helping withstand shocks or bumps in the road.

The scooter can climb slopes of up to 15 degrees, depending on the user's weight, weather conditions and the type of terrain.

Wheels dimensions: 5.5 inch front; 5 inch rear

Motor Power (W): 150W

Battery Voltage(V): 22,5 V, 2 Ah

Autonomy (KM): Up to 6km

Angle of slope: 15 degrees

Weight: 6 kg

Maximum speed: 6km/h

Dust and water tightness index: IP54

* Information note
- IP54 represents - leak-proof protection against dust and microscopic residues. Protection against water spray with any inclination.
- Autonomy as well as Maximum speed can vary depending on the user's weight, ramp angle, wind speed and direction, running substrate conditions, etc.



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